Can I bring my pet?

Pets can be permitted with our approval, and during travel they must be restrained appropriately in accordance with local road rules. Please contact us if you wish to bring a pet.

Do I need to stay at a powered site?

No. Our glampervans are fully off grid capable.

Are tolls covered?

Tolls are not included, but each glampervans is fitted with a Toll tag so we can take care of these charges and deduct them from your security deposit.

Is roadside assistance included?

Our glampervans are fully covered with roadside assistance. Simply contact our customer service number (0258500115) if you require roadside assistance.

What fuel type do the vans take?

Our glampervans run on diesel fuel only.

What licence do I need to drive the vans?

An open drivers licence issued by any Australian state is required. No heavy vehicle licence required.

Are cooking essentials and linen included?

All bedding and towels are included with your glampervans. There is also general cooking equipment and some cooking condiments such as olive oil, salt and pepper.

Do I need to fully clean the van before returning it?

You only need to return your glamper van in a tidy state. We’ll take care of the cleaning, it’s all part of the service!

Can I take the van off road?

Our vans are restricted to sealed and unsealed roads. This means no sand, beach driving, dirt or 4-wheel driving tracks. If a van is damaged as a result of being driven where not permitted, you may not be covered under insurance and may be personally liable for any costs. Please see our hire agreement for more information.

What happens if I get a speeding ticket while driving the van?

If you speed in a van and we receive the speeding in the post after you hire period, we will contact NSW Police to have the ticket allocated to your personal licence.

What happens if I damage a van during my hire period.

If you damage a van and it is an emergency, please call 000. In all other circumstances please immediately contact us on 0258500115to advise of the damage and provide details of the damage and how it occurred. Please also take photos of any incidents as this will assist with insurance measures.

Can I pay with my bank card?

We only accept booking payments with a credit card. This is in case you incur any further costs that we need to charge you for, including fuel, insurance excess if damage is incurred, or to replace any lost or damage items from within the glampervan.
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